Fancy colours refer to diamonds with hues like pink, blue, green, yellow, and very rarely, red,which are not included in the colour scale and are considered extremely rare.

Orange Diamonds

Though one of the most sought after colors by experienced collectors, many have not even seen a diamond with a pure orange grading.

Green Diamonds

These diamonds are very rare indeed, few new natural green diamonds make it to market each year, taking eons for the natural green color to develop.

Blue Diamonds

Considered extremely rare, the shades of blue diamonds share the powerful blue of the sea, the endless vastsky or a pale winter day.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds provide a subtle, dramatic aura in tones ranging from intense yellow hue to rich, softer light tones, becoming more and more popular every year.

Argyle Diamonds

Argyle Diamonds originate in the Argyle Mine of Kimberley, Western Australia & are globally recognized as diamonds with the strongest investment potential.

Pink Diamonds

The most popular diamond amongst connoisseurs, a pink diamond is the ultimate symbol of feminity, love and grace and are truly winners across the boards.

Red Diamonds

Considered the rarest of the fancy color diamonds, red color diamonds are not often seen by most diamond collectors or jewelers.

Purple Diamonds

Natural purple diamonds are extremely rare and expensive, so rare that most jewelers have never really experienced the joy of seeing a pure purple diamond.

Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds are light-brown diamonds with a sparkling brown hue. The color range is from light champagne color to a deep rich cognac.

Chamelion Diamonds

Chameleon diamonds when viewed under different light and temperature conditions change their color, which is a unique rarity in the world of diamonds.

Flawless White Diamonds

Flawless white diamonds are perfect, colorless diamonds represent only 0.001% of all diamonds ever mined, making them beyond rare.

Grey Diamonds

Natural grey diamonds are popular due to their relatively low price and strong color and look different if viewed in the daylight or artificial light.